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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


i spent my 1 month summer trip at manila. 
it was a treat for myself! 
ang dami kong gusto puntahan kaso kulang sa budget eh!
enjoy kasi ngkita kita kami mga friends
super init, traffic, maingay pero okay naman kasi ang daming nice places to visit
i'm thinking of working in manila but i don't know yet. 
i'm still confused *.*
well, here's the documentary of my trip

 roll, dine and rock at redbox eastwood
i used my bdj coupon to avail it!
it's free :)

chin's bday at congo grille el pueblo
i love their lechon kawali

history tour with rex and phil at intramuros, manila

 i stayed at bulacan for a week
butterfly haven at pulilan, bulacan with my cute cousins

visited barasoain church, bulacan

we watch avengers at moa then night life to unleash stress with harry, alexa, danika, phil and mheng at coal, harbour square
i was super drunk hehe
no more money left!

wii another night to bond with jannicah, alexa, danika, mheng, phil and cedrick at mall of asia

my last day in manila!
went to enchanted kingdom with harry, mheng, alexa, danika and cedrick
it was really fun- i screamed to the highest level!
nakakawala ng problema pa!
umulan ng todong-todo while nasa extreme kami, at iyon basang-basa kami while pinapanood ng mga tao- agaw eksena haha!

spending once in a while won't hurt right?
goodbye manila, until we meet again!

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