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Thursday, May 31, 2012

longing for FIRMOO sunglasses

Firmoo is a popular global online optical store

did you know that they are giving a pair of sunglasses (both regular or prescription) or eyeglasses (also both plano or prescription) and they will pay all the expenses including the shipping?
yes! it's real!

i love sunglasses and chocolates. well, let's combine it!

my favorite firmoo sunglasses is this:

Unisex Full Frame Wrap-Around Metal Sunglasses in Chocolate

wanna get free eyeglasses or sunglasses too? head over to:

or http://www.firmoo.com for more details ^_^

Friendship (kaibigang barko)

Memories last forever, never do they die, Friends stick together and never really say Goodbye- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

guys, i treasured the 4 years of laughter and tears that we shared together. 
i would never forget our endless jokes, chikahan ( and chismisan ^_^), beach trips, sharing lunch and snacks at the caf, bday celebration, studying and sleeping at the library, asking some papers, copying of assignments, quizzes and exams, crying with each other, doing silly things, sleepover, strolling, hunting cute guys, doing some small errands, community service, attending mass and going home together. 

 (our friendship started when we're still in 1st year college)
(alexa danielle, charmaigne grace, chelsea dominique, cyrill, irish, kris angelica and steffi gel)

guys, you spoiled me! you taught me of being with you always that's why sometimes i feel so lonely whenever i go out alone.

i love my friends.
i love how they laugh at me whenever i crack stupid jokes
i love how they put my heart back together after it was torn apart by someone else

Never shall I forget the time I spent with you. Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.- Ludwig Van Beethoven

Monday, May 28, 2012

GIRL Thing X iheartmatilda: BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

julie ann is celebrating her bday. 
as a token of appreciation to her readers, she's having a giveaway!

the prizes?
well, 1st prize- 2 items from iheartmatilda
2nd prize- 1 item from iheartmatilda

what are you waiting for?
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favorite pair of Asianvogue shoes

did i hear shoes? wiii i love shoes and who doesn't love shoes?
well, they said that good shoes will take you to good places.

asianvogue is shop that  caters every fashionista's ever changing style. they provide shoppers with an extensive selection of fashion forward footwears and bags. 

asianvogue shop is having a giveaway!

1st prize = 5,000php gift certificate
2nd prize = 1,500php gift certificate
3rd prize = 1,000php gift certificate

here's my fave shoes from asianvogue

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drink it and eat up

bonding with my highschool classmates!

hanging out at pit stop cafe

let's partiii @boy's beer and wine room

date with mom

mama mia!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


i spent my 1 month summer trip at manila. 
it was a treat for myself! 
ang dami kong gusto puntahan kaso kulang sa budget eh!
enjoy kasi ngkita kita kami mga friends
super init, traffic, maingay pero okay naman kasi ang daming nice places to visit
i'm thinking of working in manila but i don't know yet. 
i'm still confused *.*
well, here's the documentary of my trip

 roll, dine and rock at redbox eastwood
i used my bdj coupon to avail it!
it's free :)

chin's bday at congo grille el pueblo
i love their lechon kawali

history tour with rex and phil at intramuros, manila

 i stayed at bulacan for a week
butterfly haven at pulilan, bulacan with my cute cousins

visited barasoain church, bulacan

we watch avengers at moa then night life to unleash stress with harry, alexa, danika, phil and mheng at coal, harbour square
i was super drunk hehe
no more money left!

wii another night to bond with jannicah, alexa, danika, mheng, phil and cedrick at mall of asia

my last day in manila!
went to enchanted kingdom with harry, mheng, alexa, danika and cedrick
it was really fun- i screamed to the highest level!
nakakawala ng problema pa!
umulan ng todong-todo while nasa extreme kami, at iyon basang-basa kami while pinapanood ng mga tao- agaw eksena haha!

spending once in a while won't hurt right?
goodbye manila, until we meet again!