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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

fab manila X raid my closet

oh! arnie of raid my closet will be celebrating her bday this coming dec.7!
she's hosting a giveaway for all of us!
2 winners will receive a candy envelope
wooooow *.*

to join, click here!

samantha rose giveaway by cute and little

wow. i was swayed by the charm of samantha rose' accessories!
it's a newly-opened jewelry boutique in dallas
my faves?

join this giveaway and win!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HBC Giveaway Week 4 by kumiko mae

week 4!
love all the swatches!
i wanna have like this!
do you want too?

it's from kumiko mae.
join here!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Giveaway: Suesh Vanity Set

high five!
who loves suesh?
my kiss and makeup is having a giveaway!
wanna join?

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Limechartreuse: First Barfday Giveaway

oh yeah bellas!
barf barf barfday!
hohoho announcement for everyone..

i'm joining this contest!

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HBC Giveaway Week 4: Make me blush by thiamere

win this set of blush!
oh em ge!
week 4
wish me luck *.*

HoshiGirl x ELF xmas Giveaway

hello dolls!
christmas is coming!
lots of giveaways are around the corner..

btw, gel of hoshigirl.com is having a giveaway
one winner will win this beauty loot

wow! i wanna haul something like this *.*

aside from that, there will be 3 consolation prizes
from her online shop
oh di ba? bongga teh!
keri mo ba? kasi keri ko to teh.

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Eight ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas Giveaway notyourordinarybeautyqueen.

oh yes! week 4 is here.
crossing my fingers to win this loot of blushers from san-san
one for me plus one for my mom plus one for sis and plus one for my tita equals perfect!
 SANa manalo ako this time haha. lolz
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Week 4] 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway by miss kat

people normally blush and it has also different reasons..
want to have pink cheeks?
join this giveaway to win this set of blushers from san-san!
omg. hindi pa ako nanalo..
ibang level na to. hohoho.
pero go pa rin ako teh!
go ka na rin teh ha!

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jolly + giveaway

i'm joining this giveaway and i hope everyone will join too *.*

cute loot is for the lucky winner!

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week 4 is here!
question is, 
who makes you blush?
mine is ---------------
clue: harry potter look a like
haha oh well.
share yours too by joining this giveaway

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My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks' Second Anniversary Giveaway!

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks turned two years old last month and to celebrate this milestone, she is hosting a small giveaway for you all.
three winners for this giveaway

Prize 1: Nars cosmetics
Prize 2: IWhite Korea skin care products
Prize 3: Nivea Lip Care goodies  

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Carla's Closet: First Anniversary Giveaway

carla's closet is turning 1
as a token of appreciation, she's having a giveaway!

 interested to join?
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

$250 Giveaway and Special Offer at Thomas Laine Jewelry

Thomas Laine
carries everything from fashion to fine jewelry from the most renown contemporary jewelry designers, Kenneth Jay Lane, Ben Amun, Kara Ross, Janis Savitt

bessie of bravoerunway.com is having an international giveaway!

join and you might be the lucky winner!
All orders placed from now through December 7 will receive 20% off via discount code bravoe20.  Valid towards regularly priced items!  Shop ahead for the holidays, birthdays, religious events, or weddings!  There's something for everyone at Thomas Laine, they offer international shipping too!

oh yes! drools *.*

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Purple Plum Fairy's Pixie Dust: xmas Giveaway

oh my!
eight prizes to be given away!
and this mini Purse from the Rags to Riches design of Rajo Laurel is one of them!

send your entries nowwwww!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

perpetrator blog end giveaway

sheree of perpetrator is having a giveaway as a token appreciation to her dear readers!

One lucky follower will get this bag of colorful goodies, ALL FREE and FREE SHIPPING! 
1 NVEA Fruity Shine in pink guava
3 Jean & Rosz faux leather bracelets
1 Maris feather charm bracelet

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CARLOTTA MANILA x simonesfashioncloset

pretty blogger denise of simonesfashioncloset.com is having a giveaway teamed up with carlotta manila

join to win
pretty floral skirt valued at P980 plus a surprise feather earrings too!

so girly, right?

hoping to win this time :)

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BDJ Power Planner Giveaway by chopstick lady

wanna win a 
belle de jour power planner 2012?
go girl! we'll go for it!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Giveaway: 8 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas (Week 3) by codename aya

wwweeeeekkkkkk 3!
oh my gosh.
hindi pa rin ako nanalo :(
hoping to win this set of lipstciks from san-san

one for me, one for my sis ans one for my mom
oh di ba? bongga
vakeyt? hindi vah?
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HBC Giveaway Week 3:Read my lips

the secret to kissable lips is...
that's week 3 questions!
win these lipsticks from san-san by joining this giveaway!
beauty haul from hbc hohoho

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CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk3 by kumiko mae

i love the lipsticks. hoping to win this time!
it's for my mom, my lola and auntie.

win biker jeans by fashionistarchitect

i never had a pair of biker jeans..
so, i'm joining this giveaway to win this fashionable biker jeans!

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BeautyTidbits Thank you Giveaway!

oh wow! beauty essentials are up for grabs!

drool *.*
the truth is, you have the chance to win this!

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Pinkoolaid's Christmas Giveaway!

oh so cute goodies are up for grabs as a token of appreciation to 
pinkoolaid's readers!

baby, don't miss this giveaway!

the loot includes

-Puffy 3 tones grey circle lenses!
-Memories digital scrapbooking software
-9 pairs of underlashes from glamlabel
-Nail art decals 6 designs!
-cute 3D nail stickers!
-Girly nailpolish
-Really adorable dolly!!

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Closet Raid x Abby G’s Giveaway

join this giveaway. two lucky winners woooh!
1st winner will win this top and bandage skirt
2nd winner will win this earrings and necklace

mix n match!

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[Week 3] 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway! by miss kat

week 3 is here!
me? well, very much excited.
the prize would be.. taaddaaah!

lipsticks from san-san!

this week's question is..
what's your secret to kissable lips?

spread the news!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quirky Giveaways with Quiddity by kryz uy

oh so cute!
win kooky and fun critter notebooks! 

this notebook is from quiddity

all you have to do is visit me! 
spread the newsssssssssss!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

win a bag from the bag finder by kryz uy!

pretty ms. kryz is having a giveaway to her readers.
the prize? a lovely bag!

black lady

love the outfit of kryz uy!
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1 yr old giveaway by jhen babbles

bonjour! since i was a child, i love blings, cachings, accessories, watsoever..
wiw giveaway from jhen
lots of accessories are up for grabs!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

8 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas Giveaway week 2 by notyourordinarybeautyqueen

week 2 by not your ordinary beauty queen is here! yay! ladies, join now!
this is up for grabs!

spread the news! 
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Monday, November 14, 2011

latest- for now

wow. got these babies!
still waiting for the other.
some items were not claimed such as missy bon bon free gelato and tiger translate vip tickets

accessories from bubbles-thank you d.e. aisa

2012 bdj- thank you wearesolesisters

nail polish- thank you caronia

hair products- thank you jill of kikayexchange and hbc

CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk2 by kumiko mae

wiiii. weeeeeeekkkkk 2!
answer the question of the week and you might be the lucky winner of this loot!

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[Week 2] 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway by misskatv

blog it! spread it!
calling all people out there.. week 2 is here!
join now!

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animali collezione

my sis trix, me and cousin yna
we just had a "rampa" in our animal outfit
mga fashionate na sisteret haha lol!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

week2 Ways to a Happy and Beautiful Christmas by codename aya

week 2 is ready!
to those who did not win in week 1, don't lose hope coz there are still upcoming prizes for us!

question for week 2 is :
 If you were to dye your hair with an outrageous color 
(e.g. violet, blue, pink, etc.)
 what would it be and why? :)

Happy Beautiful Christmas!

spread the news and join!
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D.E x UNAROSA Holiday 2011 + Giveaway

aisa of drowning equilibriums is having another giveaway!
by the way, UNAROSA is a proudly all-Filipino brand with an international appeal.

drool *.*

to join this giveaway
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you might be the lucky winnerrrrrrrrrrrr!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fashionmonger x That Quaint Store

enter this new giveaway and win!
the quaint store is the sponsor and fashionmonger is the blogger who hosted this giveaway!
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet the biggest crocs

meet lolong from bunawan, agusan del sur.
he is so biiiiiiiig!  21-foot, 2,370-pound. that big!
sabi ng local residents, may mas malaki pa sa kanya. yung asawa nya pero hindi pa nahuhuli.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

KikaysiKat 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

moooore prizes! moooore winners!
that's a blast kikaysikat!
long champ for the grand winner!

to join, click here!